Don’t wait for the change you want to fall in your lap!

At TFW Sussex we’re all about helping people to make the changes they need to get the physical results they want. The changes that you really want to make happen in your life have to be seized. You have to go out, claim them and take action!

In a world of overwhelming choices and decisions there can be many things trying to claim your attention. Our attention, focus, and ability to get some real results in any area of life risk becoming seriously diluted.

You can’t just sit back and wait for things to fall into place, for everything to be aligned, or for motivation to strike.

Instead, committing to action in one or just a few areas is the way to make a difference. Rather than losing out, you gain the real satisfaction from really practising and getting better. When you start to move with purpose and energy in one direction all the little distractions and wastes of time that can occupy us in the moment start to lose their appeal.

So, consider what you want, and then consider going deep. This can apply to your work, your hobbies, and yes even your training. It is as much a state of mind and attitude rather than just putting in more hours. Going deeper into something is about making the hours count. When you make the hours count, pretty soon the weeks, months, and years count significantly.

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