Move from Worrier to Warrior!

TFW Sussex, Women's Strength and Fitness

TFW Sussex, Women’s Strength and Fitness

People spend a lot of time worrying. Think of all the time, energy, sleep, productivity, and happiness that gets lost while people are in a state of worry. It can also turn into a vicious cycle with someone wanting to improve their physique for example, stressing about it and then eating rubbish in an effort to cope with the stress! This is not healthy for mind or body.

If we spent all the time and energy that we invest in worry and instead put it towards doing what needs to be done, then we would likely break that cycle and create the result that we want. Going from a mindset of thinking about it and turning things over and over, is a pretty different one from taking action and get things done.

Take a positive step instead of worrying (or once you notice it beginning). This is a great example of what we call bringing out the warrior within at TFW Sussex. Imagine if you could far more easily and frequently tap into your ‘inner warrior’ rather than your ‘inner worrier’. What sort of difference would this start to make if you were taking one more significant positive action each day? This would be HUGE! The habit of thinking and acting differently would soon become more part of who you are, and your world becomes a different place.

Some examples of this kind of thing extending beyond the walls of the gym: members going for promotions or even entirely new jobs and getting them. Another decided to start the business she had always dreamed of while getting in great shape. Others have taken on their first marathon or half marathon and been amazed at how well they did. These kind of things along with the standard weight loss and increased strength, come from thinking differently and acting differently – bringing out the warrior within!

Training For Warriors is one great solution that works really well, but find your solution that works for you. When you are starting out, go for simple and practical options that you can just do and enjoy, rather than turning into another source of stress because it demands too much of your time etc.

Add a little ‘warrior’ to your mind set – take action on the right things, and you’ll be amazed!

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Here is what some of our members said on this topic:

Natasha said ” I would previously worry less about fitness and health (although that was still a small consideration) and almost entirely about weight. Since TFW I worry less about weight as this is generally managed by the regular excercise and my focus is more on being strong. I want to do that unaided chin up!!”

Becky said “Since TFW I’ve felt less anxiety about my appearance. I know I’m working hard and seeing results and at the weekend if I want some cake I’ll have it and it’s so refreshing not to feel hatred and guilt the second it’s in my mouth. TFW has given me more to think about than weight. I’m the size I was in my 20s again but I’m stronger, physically and mentally. I’ve fallen in love with the feeling fitness gives me as well as the results. I used to find it a chore – something I needed to do rather than wanted to do. Similarly I don’t ‘find’ the time to do it, but rather ‘make’ the time because it’s become more a lifestyle choice than a chore”.

Janet said ” I always thought that weight and dress size was where the focus was but nowadays, and with TFW I have realised that shape is what to aim for. It’s more about toning to keep the middle age spread in check, then the clothes work too! Amazing!”

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