Success Stories

I signed up to warrior with excitement – I already train with Steve and am a big fan of his Physical Path sessions and wondered what I might gain from mixing in a couple of Warrior sessions.

I was a little intimidated by the kit when I first stepped into the dojo – but didn’t need to be – instead i was met by a great bunch of people all at different levels of fitness all with their own personal goals to achieve.  The weeks flew by – although it wasn’t always easy to get up on the cold dark winter mornings – it was soon forgotten and replaced by a great feeling once the session was underway.

Week on week I felt myself getting stronger and feeing more energetic and less tired (despite the early morning starts!)

Steve is supportive, encouraging & motivating throughout the sessions and backed up in emails & texts when not training.

Im proud of all of my fellow warriors and what we have all achieved together and am excited for the next round of warrior training!

Donna Smith

I started Training For Warriors in the New Year with a very open mind expecting to be disappointed as I had been several times in the past with gym / personal training sessions and various fitness classes. I immediately warmed to the feel of the program, the environment it was set in the other participants and to Steve Cork our coach.

I LOVE the feeling of working at your own rate within a group and being encouraged by other warriors both during sessions and through the Facebook community.

It’s lovely to read posts that mean something from people and equally great to post your own thoughts knowing your coach and fellow warriors are genuinely interested.
The program itself is excellent and to go away each time feeling uplifted and strong is a great buzz, I have lost 1.5″ round the hips and my upper body feels stronger and this is what I was after.

I can’t say enough about Steve Cork, to have a coach who engages with all of his clients and offers an exceptional level of support both during and around the sessions is what for me makes the program.

I have had several friends who have come along to taster sessions and have each really enjoyed themselves and have been pleasantly surprised by the experience.

I have signed up for one year of TFW and can’t wait to get back in the dojo.

Nevil Perryman-Best

Like others have said the 8 weeks seem to have flown by – I lost 15lbs! I have come from a reasonably active past where I played rugby and trained regularly. Work and life have gotten in the way of that for the last few years and I have found it hard to get motivated. I have been wanting to do something to change my lifestyle and get out of the regular cycle I was in.

An offer popped up on Facebook for training for warriors so I completed the form and forgot about it to be fair. Within a week I had a call from Steve Cork and from the offset his way on the phone suggested something good was ahead. First session I was late and trained in scruffy work clothes but Steve said go for it anyway. From then on I knew that I wanted to do training for warriors not only because I enjoyed it but largely due to Steve’s coaching style. He doesn’t shout at you, he doesn’t bark orders of what to do. He questions you and asks if what you are doing is enough? If the weight is enough? If you could fit in one more rep. He asks the questions of us we should ask ourselves. He is the good influence on your shoulder who helps push you on because you want to do better for him as well as yourself.

I have done the whole gym thing and to be fair I would say just gone through the motions and not really made much change. There are a wide range of ages, fitness levels and abilities in the dojo and all are catered for. I came in with an existing ankle injury and alternative exercises were given to avoid any further strain. I would hand on heart recommend both training for warriors and Steve to anyone who wanted to make a change!

Ciaran Byrne

Can’t quite believe the 8 weeks is over already. This program has been better than I expected & I believe would benefit anybody who gets involved. There are people from all different backgrounds, levels of fitness & with different goals.

Steve gives you so much encouragement & enthusiasm with this & has made it a joy to be part of. This is different because of the help & motivation, not just at the beginning of each session but outside the “dojo” too. You get emails & messages as part of a team to help you along the way.

I have had a lot of positive comments during my Thai boxing training with people saying my endurance, balance, base & kicks are either better or stronger which has been great to know the hard work is paying off. It’s was hard at first getting to the early sessions but once I’m there I have a buzz for the rest of the day knowing what I’ve achieved before a lot of people are even awake. Awesome start to the day.

This is so much more than just a fitness program because you can take so much from it & implement into your life from diet to attitude & approach towards everyday things. This is there to help you make the right decisions & change those bad habits every day to make a positive change in your life, so anybody thinking this might interest or benefit them I’d say just do it because before you know it 8 weeks will have gone by & you’ll be feeling great.

Tom Cork

I joined this programme wanting to be healthier and fitter for myself, as was not happy with the way I was.

I have been to various exercise classes and always enjoyed them.

TFW is a new concept in fitness, the fact I had to get up early for the sessions was a bit hard, but once I was there with Steve encouraging us all on and supporting us on our own goals and achievements it felt good. Not only was my weight coming off I also felt I had more energy day by day.

It has been great working along with Steve and the other warriors in the dojo . We all encourage each other and work at our own pace but always make the last set the best set.

The talks that Steve gives at the beginning of each session, always make you think what you are doing and eating during the day .

The last 8 weeks has been tough but has been worth it – I lost 26.5lbs!  I feel more positive on my goals and look forward to raising my game next session. Thanks, Martyn.

Martyn Jupp

This is huge for me to admit and very tricky to post for all to see. I hope this will help anyone else with similar problems to realise there should be no barrier to what you can achieve when you have someone who helps give you the right mindset.

I turned up to TFW furious at the loss of my health, in a form of mourning and to this day do not want to talk about it, I don’t want to be mollycoddled, having always been independent and rarely visited any health professional until now.

I had met Steve the year before and unknown to me I was at the beginning of Type 1 Diabetes the kind you can’t change, its autoimmune. You may think big deal but it is unbelieveable what it affects – everything from energy, mood and ability to fight off illness. I chose to mention it here and now as this programme and the person who takes it has given me back much of what I felt I had lost.

I didn’t have much weight to lose and was already swim fit, but I needed something else to lower my sugar levels and avoid injecting as much as possible. I have noticed my mood change, my energy increase, my strength improve – I can do sit ups!! I haven’t been ill since I started, stress levels have decreased and I have become faster in the pool (no I don’t swim head up breaststroke!) The only reason I don’t come is sugar levels which are still a challenge – too low means no go. My next challenge, even with injuries is to do a proper press up – getting there, strangely quite exciting.

The support from Steve extends to texts and emails of encouragement, even looking up diets that he thought may help – I can’t express in words how encouraged that made me feel. This programme never makes me compare myself to others, I just feel pleased for them, everyone has their own challenges. I know that I have found something special.

Don’t think “I can’t”, or “everyones better than me”, or find an excuse regarding time or commitments just do it. If you choose one thing to do, to make a difference choose this, choose Steves energy, consideration and support, get involved with your TFW group and they will all support you, its a truly positive environment, where you can achieve your goals. Its amazing, just try and become the CAN DO! – Thank you Steve.

Alex Hudson

Big thanks Steve Cork “8 weeks ago I knew nothing about “Training for Warriors” and a little about Steve, having met him a number of years ago. The thought of getting up 3 mornings a week at 5.30 to go training, when I hadn’t trained for a very long time, was the first big hurdle!!! This is now pretty easy and part of my weekly routine!

Every hurdle that I have experienced during the sessions has been supported by Steve who does a great job of connecting with the group and individually encouraging and guiding us. After 8 weeks I honestly feel amazing. One of my aims was to improve my “sitting at my laptop posture” and I haven’t felt any pain in my neck/back since starting.

Now I can’t wait to develop my technique, speed and strength as the sessions (and early mornings!) continue. I now know a lot more about TFW and the philosophy that underpins the approach that Steve takes, but credit to Steve who has brought the programme to life that has enabled me to engage with my own physical development.”

Neil Plimmer