The Fitness ‘Black Hole’ That Far Too Many People Fall In To……..

People think about starting to exercise or cleaning up their diet. They decide it’s time for a change, to lose a few pounds, look better in and out of their clothes, or get back to that feeling of being fit that they used to have.

Sometimes that is as far as it gets – we know it’s a good idea, that we need to do it, that we will feel much better BUT…..

One side of this ‘black hole’ is the sheer confusion over what to do because, let’s face it there are so many potential options available. Even the things you would have written off are shouting for your attention because they are the flavour of the month or some celebrity was doing it. So, not knowing where to go next, nothing gets done.

If you do start some exercise or change the diet for the better, the next experience may be constantly stopping and starting or chopping and changing from one solution to another.

Perhaps we should have started by asking some fundamentals. “What are my goals”? “What are my strengths and weaknesses – where do I need the most help”? “What do I enjoy doing”? “What do I need to be doing”? “Who is getting or delivering the results I want in a way that appeals to me”? “Why is this all important to me”? “What do I need from a coach and an environment”?

If you are prepared to give these kind of questions a little time and energy, they can help you cut down the hundreds of options to just a few worthy of serious consideration.

The other part of the ‘black hole’ is all the areas that are too often not being addressed in many ‘solutions’ that can be fundamental to people succeeding:

– Quality coaching

– Clarity of goals

– Accountability and motivation

– Regular measures of progress

– Team atmosphere and positive support

– Adaptable programme to your individual level and needs

– Proven success with a wide range of people

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These are the areas that many gym memberships, for example, are thoroughly lacking. And that is simply the nature of the service being provided as per your typical monthly budget gym membership. Some people do fantastically well but there are huge numbers of people not being served by this approach.

These are the areas that truly make a difference to my small groups at TFW Sussex. These are the areas that when brought together as part of the whole package are the difference between succeeding and failing.

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