Why 6 to 8 week programmes can be great…


Thinking of getting started with a fitness programme? Great, give yourself enough time to build up and get your body accustomed to the ‘demands’ you are placing on it. When you have a period of time like 6 to 8 weeks, you have several factors working in your favour:

1. Gradual ramp up

As mentioned above a solid but steady start is needed. Every day, countless people stop exercising because they have simply gone all out for a few days or weeks before their body simply wasn’t prepared to keep up. You have either likely experienced this yourself or know someone who has. With at least a good few weeks ahead of you, you can hopefully give priority to how you are warming up, any issues you need to address, and learning techniques properly.

You can then simply do a little more each session and before long you will be far ahead with that progress starting to add up.

2. Definite end point

Having a short term date like the 6 to 8 weeks mentioned means that mentally you know how long you are committing to something for. It gives you a chance to knuckle down and focus. It gives you a chance to prioritise and put other things to one side for a while without it having to seem like this is ‘forever’. Committing to that short time frame will likely mean you will achieve more than simply giving yourself an undefined finish line. It’s easier to convince yourself that you can keep going for a few more days or weeks; it’s easier to quit if you just think of something as having no end in sight

3. Specific goals

You are not going to realise your longer term goals if you have anything significant you want to achieve, but you can likely come up with some definite measures of success that you can go after in the short term. Again this helps maintain your focus and the necessary effort.

4. Habit formation

You give yourself the chance to form some new habits during this time that you may not have done otherwise. Once the initial time is up, it’s far easier to now continue with what you have established. Further, you should realise that the habit of exercise is now one that you very much want to continue having seen the potential of what is possible for you.

5. Being the proof

It’s all too easy to think that ‘other people’ exercise, eat right, and feel all fantastic for it, without believing that you can do it too. Once you have gone through the experience of overcoming some obstacles, doing more than you thought you could, and seeing the results you can achieve – you become your own proof! You develop confidence from knowing that you have more control than you thought and if you want certain results, you just have to follow the process and put in the work.

These are some reasons I think that a 6 to 8 week programme gives you the potential for some great results AND give you the foundation to start going after the longer term goals and making this part of a positive lifestyle habit.

Believing in them, of course we offer such programmes at TFW Sussex – along with our longer term memberships. Get the coaching, the motivation, the team on your side, and ultimately the results you want!

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