You – but more awesome!

Chin Up new year

There comes a time when you just know that you need to act – to make a change and make a difference to your life. There is a moment when you know that you need to do what it takes and make sure it works this time – not just get that magazine, download that app, watch that clip etc.

You know that there are free options out there (information), and there are cheap options out there (renting access to equipment with a gym membership) – but none of these actually play to your strengths and safeguard against your weaknesses.

When you need to be held more accountable, have a coach that genuinely wants you to succeed and be your best, have a positive team of like minded people around you to spur you on – then only a small group or team training environment will really do.

Get yourself on a proven system that actually delivers the results that you want and you have a programme that doesn’t really cost more when you consider the time and money that gets wasted on ‘solutions’ that don’t deliver, or don’t get used. If actually achieving your goals is worth something to you, then value the time and money you invest, and choose something that will actually get you there.

While this sounds like a simple pitch to join TFW Sussex – it’s not. It’s a plea to go for what you want using an approach that will actually work for you. Because you becoming more awesome is what it’s all about!

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