You’ve Got To Be Willing To Change….


TFW Sussex, Haywards Heath. Charity fitness bootcamp session for CDH UK

TFW Sussex, Haywards Heath. Charity fitness bootcamp session for CDH UK

Tell me what you really want to achieve? What are the reasons you want to do this and how will you feel? What differences will this all make to your life?

Even with these questions answered positively, you still have to be willing to make the leap forward, you have to pull the trigger, you have to act.

There are things you will have to do – are you willing to do them, even though they might not seem ‘like something you do’, be uncomfortable or challenging?


We can apply this to creating physical change, and equally at work or family life etc. Knowing what you need to do is never enough. Having all the steps laid out in front of you – still not enough. You actually have to start doing it, 1 step at a time, 1 day at a time, until you start living it; until your reality has changed to a new one.

Sometimes we have to wake up to the fact that our current ‘OK’, ‘comfortable’, or ‘easy’ will not and never will get us the things we want deep down. We can get caught up in the cycle of instant gratification – like being a slave to your taste buds – or we can learn and appreciate some delayed gratification for the much bigger pay off that is a little further out of reach.

‘Join The Resistance’ is one of the slogans we have at Training For Warriors. This is recognising that it’s not going to be easy and that we may experience resistance from ourselves, from our friends and colleagues, from our work, from the way our society and culture is set up etc. It’s not all arranged to allow our health and fitness goals to magically happen and yet like strength training, resistance can be used to get stronger and become more.

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